By Okosun Dennis


The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has tongue-lashed critics saying that he is not a politician and can never be, but a Pastor that prays for the well-being of citizens and nations of the World.

He called on people to stop distracting him adding that politics is not his calling and that he has nothing to do with partisan politics. “Politics is not my calling. I am a pastor and will ever be.”

While making some clarifications during the Monthly Thanksgiving Service on Sunday at the RCCG Headquarters through Dove Satellite TV in Lagos, on what he classified as misconceptions and writing of articles that have found expressions in the public domain, said it was necessary to explain certain things and address some misrepresentations of facts based on messages sent out before.

Explaining his duties, he said that he was a pastor that prays for the people, Nigeria and nations of the world.

On the 2023 General Elections, Pastor Adeboye explained that he wasn’t sure yet if there would be an election because God hasn’t spoken to him.

“As I am standing before you, I still don’t know if there will be an election next year because my father hasn’t spoken to me about it at all. The last time we had an election, he spoke to me in June. We are in April now. It is not late yet. I don’t know yet,” he explained.

“My duty is to pray. I don’t want to be distracted. I must pray for Nigeria. We need to pray a little more because there are some problems we didn’t identify with before but have surfaced now.

“A lot of articles have been flying everywhere because of specific instructions we gave. If you come into my office, what you see is pictures of Pastor Enoch Adeboye Bsc, MSC, PhD. I am a pastor. I am not even a prophet. I need to get this clear once and for all.”

“My assignment is to pray for you and the nation. My interest has nothing to do with partisan politics. Don’t distract my attention. I have never said this is the party you should belong to or vote for. Have I said so? In RCCG, every member belongs to different political parties. I don’t exercise control over them on the choice of party.

“The only reason why I have not voted is that I will be unjust to my children. I am the father of all.

“Before you became a Christian, you are a Nigerian. You have a duty to register and vote and belong to any party of your choice. You can’t sit down and refused to vote and end up complaining about the Government. “

“It is your duty to vote. If they chose for you because you refused to do anything and end up complaining, who do you blame?”

“Therefore, you must vote. You must sit down and ensure the votes are counted. You must make sure there is no more rigging in Nigeria. I don’t care to know your party and who you vote for. That you must do.

“2023 is still a lot time away. I have a lot of things occupying my mind now. One of them is Kaduna. You can’t go by road or air again because you can be attacked at the Airport. You can’t go by train either.

“Who is trying to isolate Kaduna? He asked.

While asking some pertinent questions about oil production, he angrily expressed that much of the oil produced is in the hands of few Nigerians thereby plunging the country into a huge economic mess and a debtor nation.

“More than 80% of the oil we are producing is being stolen. Who is stealing the oil and where is the money going to? What do they want to do with the money? Who are the foreign nationals buying this oil? And how many of these nations are your friends?

“It is an open secret. It is on the news. More than 90% of our income, we are using it to service the interest of the money we have already borrowed and are borrowing more. We are moving steadily to bankruptcy.

“You can see the reason why somebody like me is not concerned about what is happening now. Let’s pray for Kaduna, all the states and pray for Nigeria. Almighty God should expose those stealing our oil and have mercy on our nation. The Almighty God can deal with our debts.

“If God helped us during President Olusegun Obasanjo to intervene and cancel our debts if God doesn’t intervene again, your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will continue to pay the debt. We ask for his divine intervention.”

On his support for any Presidential aspirants or having a preference for a particular candidate, Pastor Adeboye explained that “Anyone that comes to me from any party, I will pray for him. And my prayer for them is always: ‘Let your will about this one be fulfilled,” he reiterated.

Anybody, that asks me who are you supporting? I tell them, anybody. After all, witches are also showing interest in politics.

In his Sunday message with the topic: “Waiting Without Wasting”, Pastor Adeboye enjoins believers to always have a defined plan for anything they wish to do or engage in, especially marriage.

“Before you were born, God has a plan for your life just as he has a plan for Nigeria. He has a plan for when you will marry, who you will marry etc.

Adumbrating, he observed that “Time is like a river, flowing steadily. You are not where you are today because you are clever. It has been planned. I thought I was going to be the youngest Vice-Chancellor of a University in Africa but God said you are going to be a Pastor. Your future will seek you out,” he added.

In his teaching, he added that some people have delays in fulfilling or achieving certain aims due to three factors.

“As God remains God almighty, your will be done. Delay could come because you don’t like what God is presenting you with Gen. 29; it could be caused by forces of darkness – demons and evil forces: Daniel 10 v 1-14 or could also be caused due to your own disobedience to specific instructions Number 22 v 10-34.

He reiterated that “if God is the one locking your way until you repent, the way will not be open.”

He called on the children of God to obey God’s commandments and stop disobeying and change their way. If God shuts the door, nobody can open it and if God closes it, nobody can open it” he concluded.


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