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Global recognition and accolades have continued to flood airwaves and media platforms following Joe Biden’s Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award conferred on UNIPGC Global President, His Excellency, Amb. Dr. Jonathan Ojadah.

As a result, a German Member of Parliament, Hon. Kevin Uguru congratulated his excellency in an official letter that conveyed the exquisite message to host Amb. Jonathan Ojadah in Berlin as this would also birth the inauguration of UNIPGC EUROPE in Germany.

His Excellency, Amb. Dr. Jonathan Ojadah was received in Berlin and hosted a lunch including a tour around the German House of Parliament, German Chancellor Building, and other remarkable places in Berlin.

Interestingly, this 1st UNIPGC EUROPE Roundtable Meeting took place on Saturday, 1st June, 2024 at the Global Village, Berlin Germany, leading to the inauguration of UNIPGC Europe Executives.

The meeting themed:  “The Global Leadership Challenges, Resolution Strategies from Western Perspective,” was well attended by notable personalities from all around Germany and its environs including Executives of Africans in Deutschland (AID).

A keynote speech was delivered by Hon. Kevin Uguru, Member of the German Parliament, Berlin, who spoke on “The New Leadership Approach to foster growth and Sustainability as a Pathway for Global Peace and Good Governance”.

He noted that Transcendent leadership, grounded in servant leadership, offers a promising pathway to increase the trust necessary for global sustainability. This type of leadership goes beyond just pursuing organizational goals and instead focuses on serving the greater good and empowering others.

“Effective and authentic leadership is crucial for driving the needed change towards sustainable development; as such, leaders must have a clear vision and the desire to inspire and empower others to work towards shared national and global goals.”

He further added that good governance and transparent, democratic institutions are essential foundations for sustainable development. This requires pursuing more equitable and effective global economic governance, including through reform of the international financial architecture. 

He concluded that as we approach the halfway mark to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, there is a pressing need to accelerate progress through improved leadership and governance; fostering greater civic engagement and participation in advancing these shared goals is also important.

The new leadership approach to foster growth and sustainability as a pathway for global peace and good governance must combine transcendent and servant leadership, authentic vision, good governance, and greater civic engagement.

The second keynote address was delivered by Medical Doctor, Dr. Med. G. OSCAR KAMGA WAMBO, A German Medical Practitioner & Scientist, who spoke extensively on the Global Health challenges of vulnerable people at remote places as Tools to consolidate sustainable development Goals.

He explained that the sustainable development goals (SDGs) aimed to address global health challenges, particularly for vulnerable populations and those in remote areas. Some key considerations in using health challenges to consolidate progress on the SDGs include:

Improving access to healthcare services: Barriers such as infrastructure, equipment, internet, and electricity access can hinder healthcare delivery in remote and underserved regions.

Addressing these barriers is crucial to ensuring that vulnerable populations have access to essential health services. Addressing social determinants of health: The SDGs recognize that health is influenced by factors beyond just healthcare, such as poverty, education, and environmental conditions.

Addressing these social determinants of health is critical for improving overall well-being. Leveraging innovation: Innovative approaches like telemedicine and decentralized healthcare can help expand access to care in remote areas. Investing in such innovations can be a powerful tool for advancing the health-related SDGs.

The final keynote speech was delivered by Engr. Nurudeen Inwanfero, an Aeronautics Space Tech & Consultant who looked at The Strategical Plans and Goals of UNIPGC Germany for its Establishment and Affirmation of the Mission & Goals of UNIPGC from global Perspective.

He noted that the strategic plans and goals of UNIPGC Germany appear to be focused on advancing its mission and objectives through various means: UNIPGC Germany aims to achieve its goals and vision through activities such as enlightenments, seminars, conferences, interventions, conflict resolutions, mediations, and publications.

The key goals and objectives of UNIPGC Germany include establishing partnerships and bilateral relationships with other investment, development and economic entities. Accomplishing these goals and objectives will enable Germany to achieve its overall vision.

From a global perspective, UNIPGC Germany seeks to feed its ideas on global issues into the international community, leveraging its dense network of missions abroad. As a high-tech hub and globalized economy, Germany is committed to promoting a digital order that advances democracy, freedom, and prosperity worldwide.

Additionally, UNIPGC provides training, capacity building and academic operations including seminars in conflict management, conflict resolution and peace education, which support its mission. Overall, the strategic plans and goals of UNIPGC Germany appear to focus on establishing partnerships, advancing its vision and ideas globally, and supporting peace and prosperity through various programmatic activities.

In his final and closing remark, His Excellency, Amb. Dr. Jonathan Ojedah, in his vote of thanks, acknowledged and endorsed the UNIPGC Europe Leaders. He applauded the efforts of the executives to actualize the establishment of UNIPGC in Germany while confirming the appointment of the executives.

By the powers conferred on his Excellency, Amb. Dr Jonathan Ojadah as the Global President, Hon. Kevin Uguru was conferred with the position of Secretary General, UNIPGC Europe, while Engr. Nurudeen Inwanfero was conferred with the position of Country Director, UNIPGC Germany, and Med Dr. Oscar Kamga Wambo was conferred Chairman Committee On Healthcare & Social Welfare.

The official inauguration ceremony is proposed to hold in Berlin, Germany later in the year.

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