By Okosun Dennis


The era of impunity, the culture of fear and trepidation unleashed on the people of Igueben Local Government Area of Edo state would gradually ebb as policemen and vigilante group on Tuesday arrested three notorious kidnappers before an irate mob killed them after a successful ambush against them.

Among those sent on the journey of no return, was a 25 years old boy, an indigene of Iyekogbe Quarters. He was known for terrorising the town with his kidnapping gangs.

The boy whose name was not immediately known was killed with two others while making an attempt to collect N5m ransom from the family of Mrs Aibagbe, a retired midwife, whom they had kidnapped on November 14, 2022, in her compound at Ekekhen Quarters, Igueben.

A reliable source told our Correspondent that the criminals were arrested around Uromi and Udo bush before they met their Waterloo.

On how they hijacked the woman from her compound, it was learnt that the kidnappers met the woman who deals in palm oil after her retirement, and pretended that they were customers who wanted to buy palm kernel shells.

The victim was said to have explained to them to come back the following morning, considering that it was already late and had just returned from evening church service.

The source further disclosed that “Mrs. Aibagbe went to the back of the house having told them to come back the following day. Instead of living, they followed her to the back of the house and grabbed and dragged her into their car.

“In the process, she raised an alarm that attracted neighbours. To the consternation of those that rushed in, they saw her being dragged on the ground by the hefty boys. Uncomfortable with the crowd, the kidnappers pulled out guns and started shooting which made the rescuers bid a retreat.

“As a result, they succeeded in taking her away before they established contact with her family, demanding N100m ransom. After intense negotiation, they agreed to collect N5m.

“Unknown to the kidnappers that the vigilante group and some Policemen laid an ambush, as they advanced to collect the ransom, they were nabbed,” our correspondent was told.

However, it was gathered that one of the kidnappers who held on to the woman had two guns with him but was shot in his leg by the police. Sensing that he might be caught also, he dropped the two guns and escaped with bullet wounds.

Those arrested were brought to the police station where an irate crowd swooped on them and lynched the suspects as policemen couldn’t withstand the crowd that surged and overwhelmed them.

The Iyekogbe boy who was said to have been involved in several kidnapping incidences in Igueben, was arrested not too long ago, but the family allegedly gave money to the police to set him free.

It was further gathered that having secured his release from the police cell, the family threw a lavish thanksgiving in the church to commemorate his freedom.

The demise of the boy was said to have elicited huge jubilation at Igueben considering that he has been a thorn in their flesh since he has been harassing the town with his notorious gang.

“Today, God has rested him disgracefully,” a source reiterated.


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