By Theresa Moses

In consonance with Pink Shirt Day, which is aimed at raising awareness and consciousness to encourage action against bullying in all its forms, Event Dairy Lifestyle has organised a one-day solidarity walk and awareness campaign.

The event held on Friday, 17th May 2024, was held in partnership with Top Teez Academy, Ojodu Abiodun, embarked on the solidarity walk against bullying with the theme: “Speak Up, Stand Together, and Let’s Stop Bullying in Our Schools.”

Bullying is a serious issue that requires attention, support, and action from individuals and communities.

The solidarity walks and awareness campaign is aimed at creating a safe and supportive environment for all, where everyone can thrive without fear of bullying.

The event began with a gathering at Top Teez Academy, where Princess Adeola Shittu, the Convener, emphasized the importance of Pink Shirt Day and called on students and parents to stop bullying in any form.

He further explained that it’s only by working together, we can create a society where everyone feels safe and supported.

Mrs. Helen Olugbemi, the Principal of Top Teez Academy, appreciated the parents for their collaborative role in joining the students in the walk against bullying and encouraged them to speak up whenever they were bullied.

Theresa Moses, a seasoned journalist and Publisher, who also gave a thought-provoking and exciting addressed to the students, called on them to speak up against bullying.

She emphasized the vital role bystanders play in supporting victims of bullying, who may be too weak to speak up for themselves, and bystander intervention by reporting incidents to authorities.

Mrs. Amina Omoike, a Media Practitioner, engaged the students in a robust interaction to discuss the effects of bullying, including physical, emotional, and social implications, and the long-term consequences for those who are bullied.

She stressed that bullies are intentional acts and that it is essential to address bullying at its root.

Over 150 students, parents, and staffers of Top Teez Academy, along with concerned journalists, participated in the solidarity walk and awareness campaign to create a safe and supportive environment for all, where everyone can thrive without fear of bullying carrying placards with messages such as “Stop Bullying”, “Take a stand Against Bullying”, “We Stand Together Against Bullying”, “Be a Buddy, Not a Bully” etc.

The walk culminated in a visit to the Ojodu Abiodun Divisional Headquarters, where the DPO, CSP Andrew Akinsheye, welcomed and interacted with them on why they should stop bullying.

He emphasized that bystanders should inform authorities when they witness bullying, as it is not limited to academic environments but occurs in all spheres of life.

CSP addressed the issue of bullying and its effects, encouraging victims to speak out and seek help. He also noted that the importance of bystander intervention and reporting incidents to authorities.

While appreciating the convener for the initiative and suggested organizing programmes for youth to raise awareness and address bullying in various settings, called on her not to relent in her oars to sustain the programme.

He also highlighted the need for programme and initiatives to address bullying in various settings, including religious centres and communities.

The highlight of the Pink Shirt Day was a visit to Miliki 101.3 FM, where the Convener, Princess Adeola Shittu, Top Teez Academy students, Adeuinka Ayomidipupo Iremide, Head Girl and Adedigba Oluwayanmi Grace, Social Prefect discussed the importance of Pink Shirt Day and why bullying should be stopped in schools and other sectors of life.

The event also had a dance presentation and citation by students of Top Teez Academy Ojodu Abiodun.

In conclusion, the Pink Shirt Day solidarity walk was a successful event that brought together students, parents, and community members to raise awareness and take action against bullying.

The event organizers and participants are committed to continuing the conversation and working together to stop bullying in all its forms.

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